ATV & UTV Repair in Lubbock, TX

Don't get stuck in the outback — keep your ROV running smoothly with service from Claydust Powersports!

Have you ever been stuck in a caliche pit under the broiling West Texas sun in the middle of summer? Neither have I, but it doesn't sound like the best of times. And it could happen if you drove into one on your ATV right before it conked out due to a dirty carburetor or fouled plugs. To avoid this distasteful scenario, we recommend having your ATV or UTV serviced by the Lubbock ROV mechanics at Claydust Powersports. We can:

  • Check front/rear brake fluid
  • Check and clean air filters
  • Check the charging system
  • Check compression
  • Check, adjust, & replace coolant
  • Check & change spark plugs
  • Check and adjust tire pressure

Whatever service your offroad vehicle needs, count on the experts at Claydust to bring it up to optimum performance, to keep you going down the trail when it matters most.